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Experience the Lajitas Zip-Line Tour in Quiet Canyon!

With steep elevation changes from upper canyon to canyon floor, a world class adrenaline producing zip line tour awaits. With several different tour options, please contact our activities desk to learn more or to schedule your tour by calling 432-424-5170.

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All zips are located in Quiet Canyon, dominated by the North Lajitas Mesa and its prominent shape that can be seen from miles away. Volcanic activity shaped what we can see today over 30 million years ago with many different colors and shades whose appearance changes with the differing light conditions. A plethora of amazing rocks and petrified wood cover the surface of the desert, it’s like walking through a gem mine! Common plants found are the Creosote Bush, Ocotillo Cactus, Prickly Pear, Candelilla and Mesquite trees. Red Tailed hawks can often be seen soaring overhead while Road Runners and Dove can be found in the underbrush. Aoudad Sheep regularly make an appearance on the ridges and Javelina, Mountain Lions have also been spotted, this is truly an outdoor experience where man and nature are one.  Breathtaking views across the Rio Grande with views of the distant mountain ranges are a delight to behold.

Flying Goat Tour

This tour is for folks that want to get in a quick zip between other activities as it is our shortest tour. It is also the most easy going tour making it appealing to folks who are interested in trying out ziplining for the first time without being too intense. The weight limit for this tour is 65-275 lbs and ages 9 and up.


3 zip-lines:

1. Road Runner starts you off with a gentle slope and moderate speed over a distance of 523 feet reaching speeds of up to 30 mph.

2. Flying Goat is the main event on this tour, higher up than the first line and a lot faster. 493 feet long and an amazing view of the Mesa de Anguila , it is sure to impress.

3. Crystal Canyon Cross finishes the tour on a high, literally. This zip is 385 feet long and will put you a breezy 100 feet above the crystal canyon stimulating your senses whilst bringing you to a more gentle stop. A great way to finish.

Clay Henry Tour

This tour is our most popular and for good reason. Mild to wild it takes you through the Flying Goat tour to give you a sense of appetite and then finishes on a steep and very fast line. Ages 9 and up, 75-250 lbs maximum.


2 zip-lines:

1. Rock Slide 675 Feet long with speeds up to 50 miles per hour will be sure get your heart racing and make you beg for more.

2. Longhorns Leap is the bonus and last zipline in this sequence. Maximum thrill will be felt on this exposed line. 1406 feet of cable and a 50 mph arrival speed that will blow you away.

This tour is great for thrill seekers but also extends an opportunity for others to challenge their sense of adventure.

Quick Silver Tour

This tour is our most extreme tour. It encompasses all the height, speed and hang time that we offer. It is our advanced tour, but an awesome adrenalin pumping experience for people who may have never zipped before but have a sense of adventure and want to get the most out of their zipline excursion. Ages 12 and up 75-250 lbs maximum.


4 zip-lines:

1. Panchos Pass will quickly introduce you to fast ziplines. Starting high up on the Mesa, 982 feet of acceleration over a deep canyon is sure to impress.

2. Commanche Revenge takes you high and long, 1478 feet of zipline, our longest line, high above a canyon. Plenty of time to feel what it is like to fly and enjoy the outstanding scenery.

3. Desert Dash will speedily take you from the rim of a canyon down to the bottom at blistering speeds right from the take off up to 50 mph along 989 feet of zip cable to a thrilling stop.

4. Longhorns Leap is the finisher on this tour. 1406 feet of cable exposed in the widest part of Quiet Canyon is the perfect rush to finish of this tour.

Tour Logistics

All tours are fully guided by qualified staff so you can relax and enjoy the ride. We have some of the most comfortable harnesses for an enhanced and quality experience. Water is provided on the tour. Sunscreen is not provided, we have shaded areas at the start and finish of our lines but please dress appropriately. Closed toe shoes are required. Long hair needs to be tied back and low for wearing a helmet. Tobacco use is prohibited on the tour. Intoxicated guests will not be allowed to begin the tour. The weight limits are discreetly but strictly enforced for guest safety so please be sure that members of your group are within the limits to avoid disappointment.