Agave Spa

Agave Spa at Lajitas Golf Resort is a beautiful oasis in the high desert. We offer massage and facial services to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We use clean products from JobaCare and EARTH HARBOR. For our aromatherapy, we carry Voluspa candles. All the products we carry in our spa are from companies based in the U.S. We invite you to join us in our humble and tranquil spa.

All services include 20% gratuity

72-hour Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations, rescheduling, or changes to reservations within 72 hours will be charged 100% of the service. If there are any changes that need to be made, please do so before 72 hours of your reservation.

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Agave Massage

This Swedish massage utilizes a variety of techniques and light to medium massage strokes to promote relaxation and relieve stress from head to toe.

50 minutes: $138.00 -- 80 minutes: $186.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Experience the rejuvenating effects of this highly therapeutic massage. Your session will be custom created based on the needs and request of each guest. Your therapist will target areas of chronic muscle tension to increase circulation, enhance muscle function and decrease muscle soreness.

50 minutes: $156.00 -- 80 minutes: $204.00

Golfer’s Massage

This massage is designed with the golfer’s needs in mind. Your therapist will focus on crucial muscle groups such as calves and gluteus to relieve soreness and stiffness as well as milder work on other areas such as hamstrings, wrists, elbows, and knees. Stretches may also be incorporated.

50 minutes: $156.00 -- 80 minutes: $204.00

Prenatal Massage

Designed for the mother-to-be! Your therapist will focus on areas most needing special attention using techniques that are safe for both mother and baby while producing the most relaxing and therapeutic effect possible.

50 minutes: $156.00

Desert Aroma Massage

This “High Desert” specialty will revitalize and lift your spirits as well as hydrate your skin. Your session begins with a gentle dry brush exfoliation and is followed with a customized Aromatherapy Massage using an essential oil blend of your choice leaving your mind stimulated, your body refreshed, and your spirits lifted.

80 minutes: $216.00

Anti-Stress Massage

This massage offers a quick pick-me-up therapeutic massage focusing on the neck, upper back, and shoulder areas. Relaxes the body and relieves muscle tension most effected by stress and excessive work.

25 minutes: $96.00


The Desert Escape

This package includes a selection of relaxing services starting with your toes. Your escape begins with a footbath infused with essential oils, dried herbs and sea salt followed by a 50 Minute Aromatherapy Massage. No escape would be complete without an Agave Facial. This package is a guests’ favorite!

Allow Approximately 2 - 2 1/4 HOURS: $306.00

The Ultimate Hideout

This is a half day event! If you want to pamper yourself or someone you love…this is the package to choose. Your “Hideout” begins with a footbath infused with essential oils, dry herbs, and sea salt. We continue with an 80-minute massage; choose from Swedish, Aromatherapy, or Deep Tissue Massage. Your Hideout wouldn’t be complete without our Ultimate Facial which includes our extra Lip & Eye Treatment. Also included during your facial is a hydrating hand & foot treatment. You will emerge feeling rested, revitalized, and restored…. ready to face the world!

Allow Approximately 3 1/2 - 4 HOURS: $546.00

Golfer's Get-A-Way Package

Your get-a- way begins with a special golfer’s foot soak using essential oils and dry herbs with golf balls under your feet to help stimulate your senses as well as your soles. We continue with a 50-minute Golfer’s Massage focusing on your areas of concern and those sore stressed muscles specific to your needs. Also includes a warm & hydrating hand & foot treatment to revitalize those overworked areas. You’ll leave ready to play another round!

Allow Approximately 1 3/4 - 2 HOURS: $222.00


Body Treatments

Sole Soothing Ritual

We begin your treatment with a warm footbath infused with a combination of essential oils, dry herbs and sea salt. We follow this with an exfoliating foot scrub. Your ritual continues with a warm & hydrating foot masque treatment with foot and hand massage. Revitalize your “soul” with this relaxing ritual for your soles…

50 minutes: $138.00

Manicures and Pedicures with Kapa Nui Organic Nail System

For those who seek a healthier alternative to nail care. Kapa Nui Nail System is organic, water based, and healing for nails due to no toxic ingredients. Polishes are magnificent and reflect the living colors of the Hawaiian Islands

Manicure: $45.00. Treatment includes cleaning, filing, cuticle repair, hand massage and color of your choice.

Pedicure: $60.00 Treatment includes cleaning, trimming, filing, cuticle repair, foot scrub and massage followed by your choice of color.

Facial Waxing Services

Upper lip/Chin: $15.00
Full face: $45.00

Brows: $25.00

Brow Bar

Reshaping brows
Custom Tinting to color-match to desired shade: $45.00


Agave Facial

Nourishing the skin with rich botanical ingredients, products are chosen to meet the needs of your specific skin type beginning with a gentle cleansing; a fruit enzyme treatment is applied to help renew the texture of your skin. The cleansing is followed by, toning, a customized mask and facial massage to enhance the results and leave your face feeling fabulous. This selection also includes your choice of focused massage for the neck & shoulder area, hands, or feet.

50 Minutes: $144.00

Ultimate Facial

Indulge yourself! All the best ingredients are put together for this facial treatment. Fruit enzymes deep clean the skin of impurities and residues as it prepares the skin for the deeply hydrating and cell regenerating collagen serum and mask which helps to prevent damage caused by free radicals and provides intense hydration to give you vibrant silky-smooth skin. Special attention is given to the eye and lip area with an added lip and eye treatment that will pamper delicate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Also included is a hydrating foot and hand treatment. You will emerge with your face feeling fresh and fabulous!

80 minutes: $288.00

Gentleman's Facial

This facial is specifically designed with products formulated for a gentleman’s face. We utilize botanical ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin and soothe the beard area. This selection also includes your choice of focused massage for the neck & shoulder area, hands, or feet.

50 minutes: $144.00


For a quick deep cleansing and hydrating skin treatment, this is your choice! Includes a cleansing, toner, fruit enzyme mask and moisturizer. This is a great first-time experience for younger faces and the first timer.

25 minutes: $102.00

Lip & Eye Treatment

This treatment aids in the regeneration of healthy skin cells to help reduce the appearance of fine lines by using a soothing mask to help moisturize & de-stress those delicate areas of the skin. This is a wonderful addition to any of the facial choices above.

Added to any facial above: $48.00

Gua Sha Face Treatment

Added to many facial above: $30.00

Alternative Treatments

Big Bend Hot Stone Massage

Stiffness and soreness will slowly melt away as heated stones glide along your body. Warmth from indigenous stones helps alleviate muscle tension and enhance the effect of this highly therapeutic massage. We use jojoba oil customized with essential oils to provide a hydrating and intensely relaxing experience.

80 minutes: $222.00

Big Bend Cupping Therapy

This ancient treatment is meant to increase blood circulation and assist with pain and inflammation. Special cups will be placed on areas of concern as you begin to feel the tension slipping away along with your sense of time. Your session will end with a therapeutic massage that will leave you with a heightened sense of relaxation and well-being.

80 minutes: $222.00

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